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Teachers Receive Gifted Training

Teachers at Mohave Accelerated received training this summer to better equip them for working with gifted students in the classroom. Almost the entire teaching staff from all grade levels took part in the week-long course that will enable them to receive a Provisional K-12 Gifted Endorsement on their teaching certificates. The class was conducted by Vicki Massey, a career educator with 30 years of classroom experience. Massey is the Diversity Committee Chair for the National Science Education Leadership Association and also serves on the board of the Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence.

With an increased emphasis on college dual-enrollment courses in high school and continued academic excellence at all grade levels, the school has been attracting more students who welcome the higher bar that is being set. Mohave Accelerated recognizes that gifted students require special attention in every class, not just their advances courses. Dr. Vickie Christensen, the schools' founder, wanted to ensure that every teacher was given the opportunity to develop the skills needed to challenge every student in the classroom. The training was offered to every teacher and instructional aide on both campuses and almost every one of them showed up.

"It's important that we are getting through to every student in the classroom," Dr. Christensen said. "Whether they're struggling to keep up or have already mastered the basic material, we want to make sure each one of our kids has the opportunity to grow."