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ACT and SAT Practice? Success!

Most of us, before taking a test, want to be prepared. We want to be successful and keep those scores up. It's normal, right? But what if i told you that the exam you would be taking, can have a huge impact on your future? You'll be asked to show your SAT or ACT scores when you apply for a university or college. And wouldn't you want to be prepared to get the best of the best? 

Well, doesn't MALC have the program for you? Starting September 5, Guidance Counselor Kerry Broz will be hosting a study group focusing on ACT and SAT. This study group will have pratice tests, strategies and tips to prepare yourself for those future college admission tests. This is a great opportunity! So come to Mrs.  Broz's classroom every Wednesday from 3 p.m to 4 p.m. Regular attendance is not required! And like Broz noted "Right now is a great opportunity to carve out some time to get ready for those college admission tests."